Lost MICE Venues-The new event platform of Twilight Events Media, in cooperation with the Association of German Event Organizers

An innovative paradigm for creativity, knowledge and innovation

Fantastic Lost MICE Venue

Each unique venue has its own history and story to be told. Twilight Events Media presents, in cooperation with the Association of German Event Organizers, an exciting and exceptional event concept. We will take you to a setting where you would never have realized, imagined or thought you would discover like - minded MICE people.

This is what Lost MICE Venues means to us. We link both the history and modernity of this venue with exciting content and intriguing personalities who will surprise and inspire you with stories, skills and events.

Who would be interested in such an event? Why would you and your colleagues want to join? Because this event is so much more than just sitting in numbered rows and gulping down finger food. This event will inspire, polarize and demonstrate the vibrant and dynamic side of marketing. We want to astonish, challenge and stimulate your creativity. From dawn to dusk, throughout the entire day, we intend for you to end your experience with a greater knowledge than when you began.

Best wishes

Günter Mainka

Twilight Events Media

On the 17th of June 2016 the first event within the context of an event format- Lost MICE Places- takes place near Düren, Nordrhein-Westfalen.


Pavillion for 48 insane criminals

If you are interested in the event details and if you would like to register for this extraordinary event, please write us at :

The number of participants is limited to 48 people and tickets cannot be purchased. We will send you an invitation, which is not transferable. The participation is for free. The event will be in German language only. If there are more than 48 registrations, we will create a waiting list, from which you will be selected if a place becomes available for the event.

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